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Solar energy saving our trees
By Michelle Von Memmerty | 10/07/12 | Solar
Visitors to the Vondex Solar pavilion at the recent Harare show would have seen an innovative new tobacco curing system brought to Southern Africa by Scott von Memerty, MD for Vondex Solar.  This system was his brain child and was specially designed to cater for the small scale farmer. 

Mr von Memerty an ex tobacco farmer familiar with curing systems is concerned about the impact small scale flu cured tobacco farming is having on the regions’ indigenous woodlands. Together with his overseas trading partners he has come up with this environmentally friendly Solar powered solution to not only cure the crop efficiently but in the off season it will run home lights, music/TV systems.  These multifaceted benefits provide a holistic product that improves farming practices, personal lifestyle and protects the woodlands.
ZT reporter asked Mr von Memerty what the market response to this has been, “We are very excited about the response to this product, there is a real interest and sales are being made, however these small scale farmers need a working micro finance system to make better farming practices easier for them to take on-board. If the banks and tobacco companies that are trading with the farmers back this curing system, results will be immediate both for the farmers and the woodlands”.