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BR80C4 Portable Solar freezer
ITEM CODE: BR80C4-Complete
Advanced fridge combining the latest compressor and computerized digital control system technology with an 80litre capacity. Operates from DC with solar panels and batteries, as well as electricity.

Portable freezer 80litre capacity. Solar powered freezer, ideal for all off-grid applications like: remote clinics; homes; bush camps; tuck-shops; outdoor use and camping.


  • 55mm High density polyurethane foam insulation
  • Auto cut-out at low voltage to protect appliance and battery
  • Heavy duty alloy body with anti-rust galvanized cabinet
  • LCD screen,
  • At 30 degrees, cooling potential of up to -18 degrees C
  • 2yr warranty compressor with one year on other parts


Environment friendly green cooling and freezing, with no ozone damaging refrigerants; also super energy saving


Advantages of the freezer

1. Portable and easy to operate

2. Lockable lids

3. Very low energy requirements, efficient power usage

4. High efficient cooling

5. Easy to clean aluminium interior