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JYJD100A Tobacco curing system
Solar powered forced air fan for curing tobacco. It is environmental friendly and has a low cost.

Components include 100W forced air fan, solar panels, charge controller, inverter and battery bank.


As coal is burned within the barn to produce heat for curing the tobacco leaves, the fan which is powered by solar energy, is placed at the fire chamber and blows that heat through the flue pipes within the barn and ensures a continuous circulation of heat.  The

temperature can be controlled and one can dry the tobacco quickly.


The same tobacco fans can be used with flue pipes to keep the chickens warm; the power system can also supply lighting (using low power long lasting LED lights) to ensure chickens feed efficiently.


Other Advantages are:

1. Encourages use of coal as it burns longer therefore limits deforestation.

2. Saves time and effort

3. During off-seasons, it can supply domestic power and lighting