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ITEM CODE: A3i - Solar
Window mounted Evaporative air-cooler; Cover 30 sq. metres; 130 Watts of power; Suitable for use with Solar and electrics; Ideal for high temperature & low humidity environments; Environmentally friendly & low cost.
The solar evaporative air-coolers are suitable to cool areas of 25 to 30 square metres, they use 80 Watts of power and are therefore ideal for use with Solar. They are capable of changing of air in a room about 15 times per hour.  These can be used in outside areas and rooms that do not need to be completely closed and are thus ideally suited to use in homes, hotels, bush-camps & tents, offices and etc. because of this aspect they are healthier than traditional air-conditioners. 

Evaporative air-coolers are very environmentally friendly because:
They use evaporation of water as the coolant and therefore eliminate CFC’s and refrigerants.
They use very low power, like 10% of traditional air-conditioners.
They can be used with Solar, because of the low power use.

Other advantages are;
Installation is very easy and simple to plumb into water source.
Repairs and Maintenance is simple because of the small blower fan and water pump and don’t need compressors or re-gassing & etc.
Much healthier than air-conditioners because windows & doors can be left over.
Because they can be used in open environment they ventilate the room and the cooling pads & water are very good air filters to filter out dust, pollen, pollution and etc.