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PS200HR04/180W Solar Water Pump
Solar borehole pumps consists of solar panels, control boxes, pumps and cables, alternate batteries and float controls ;capacity of 4000litres/day from 30metres; Suitable for use with solar; Environmentally friendly & low cost.

It has a pumping capacity of 4000litres/day from 30metres;

It consists of a Lorentz PS200 controller and an HR04 pump. Other components are 1x 180W panels and a 35m cable.

It is protected against reverse polarity and overload.

It is a submersible pump; it has high reliability and life expectancy and uses cost efficient pumping; it can work with small, inexpensive solar array and in low sunlight conditions.


Other advantages are:


1. Installation in remote areas with no electricity is possible as there is no need for electric backup. 

2. It is resistant to abrasion.

3. It has simple installation and is maintenance free