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20KSPC180 Solar Water Heater
New technology vacuum tube Solar water geyser with a 180litre capacity and has an optional electrical back-up system. Geyser can be mounted on the ground or the roof. The system is extremely efficient and provides non-expensive hot water.
The 180litre pressure solar geyser comes with 20 heat collectors which are the vacuum heat pipe tubes, tank stand, pressure regulating valve and storage water tank (180litre capacity) with stainless steel inner, zinc coated outer and 55mm polyurethane insulation, and optional extra of electrical element and control box for backup.

The geyser may be mounted on the floor and should face north or north west in the southern hemisphere. How the system works:

The cold water is pumped with pressure into the holding tank because the inner tank is made up of stainless steel. The cold water in the holding tank is heated by the vacuum tube heat pipe which has a copper tube filled with liquid within it. The liquid is heated very quickly and rises to the top of the heat pipe and transfers heat to the water in the holding tank. The holding tank is under pressure and the heated water rises to the top of the tank where it feeds the house through a stainless steel pipe. This system does not need a header tank or controller to fill the tank.

.The advantages of the solar geysers are:
Environmentally friendly & low cost, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 20%
Vacuum tubes are extremely efficient up to 90% heat and radiation energy transfer
Suits all domestic household requirements, lodges and tourist resorts, mining and housing complexes.
Reduces electricity costs by 25-30% and can pay for themselves by electricity saving within a year.   
Systems can be custom designed to suit all clients requirements as per above uses.