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PSI2400W 48V Inverter
MODEL: PSI series
The inverter converts DC power to useable AC power and can also be used to charge batteries directly from an AC power source
PSI2400W Pure sine wave output can be used for various appliances such as TV, fan, tube light and computer.
How the inverter works:
When the AC (alternating current) mains supply is available, the AC mains sensor supply goes to the Relay and battery charging section of the inverter.

The AC main sensor activates a relay and this relay will directly pass the AC mains supply to the output socket. The load will by driven by the voltage which is converted to a DC voltage (48V DC), then regulated and battery is charged using it.
 When the battery is fully charged the charging is stopped.

When the AC mains power supply is not available, the DC voltage (48V) cannot be used by electrical appliances. This voltage is discharged from the battery to the inverter which then converts it to a higher AC voltage (220V) which can readily be used by electrical appliances
Advantages of the inverter
1. It has superior performance and CPU control.
2. There is intelligent battery management with protection against overcharge and over discharge. It offers protection for overload, short circuit, overvoltage, low voltage and overheating.
3. It also has a standard LED display, LCD optional