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Changfa Diesel Motors
Light and handy in structure, convenient in moving, small in vibration, stable in operation, convenient in maintenance,fuel saving and convenient in starting. It is a power device used for hand tractors, irrigation and generating sets, air compressors,inland ships, engineering machinery, transportation vehicle and processing machines for agricultural products and sideline products(e.g.Thresher, rice mill, flour-milling machine, fodder grinder).

Combustion System Direct Injection
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 110 x 115mm
Total displacement (L) 1.093L
Compression Ratio 17
Rated Output 13.24kW(18.0HP) 2200 r/min
Max Output 14.71kW(20.0H) 2200 r/min
Specific Fuel 244.8g/kW.h
Cooling system consupmtion Hopper
Lubrication system Combined pressure and splashing
Starting system Hand cranking/electric starting
Net weight 180kg
Volume of oil tank 15.5l
Volume of lubricate 3.10l
Recommended starting system  
overall dimensions (L x W x H)(mm) 858 x 450 x 699
package dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 930*760*440