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Ndzou Camp
Sussundenga | Mozambique | Installed September 2010

Vondex Solar as Savon Trading Limitada, Mocambique were contracted by Ndzou Camp, to design, supply and install an environmentally friendly solution to their camp’s needs.  To this end we decided on the following;
Solar water heaters of the latest technology vacuum tube systems for all the camps hot water needs for guests and staff bathing and showering.  This has eliminated the need for wood fires for heating water and thus limiting the use of indigenous timbers within the Moribane forest.  Treated timber poles were used to construct raised tank stands for mounting of the Solar Geysers so as to position them in good sunlight without having to cut down or remove any natural bush, tanks were also mounted onto the roves of some of the buildings.  We supplied non pressure geysers ranging from 150 liter up to 250 liter. Solar lighting systems for lighting for guests rondavels, dining and cooking areas and the lights for the staff quarters.  Thus eliminating the use of noisy generators for lighting purposes and adding to the unique experience of the area, especially at night.  The solar panels where mounted onto raised stands to avoid destruction of natural bush.  Solar power systems for power for use in the offices for computers, printers and etc.  It also provides a means for clients to charge battery and cameras for their safari.