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Owllite Trading P/L. trading as Vondex Solar is a company based both in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Our core business is Renewable & Solar Power systems; Solar Water pumps; Solar Water heating and Solar Refrigeration of which design and install all types of solar products.
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Solar Water Heaters – we import the latest technology evacuated tube type Solar Geysers, both non pressure and pressurized and can be fitted with electrical back-up.  These are ideal for all users, from housing; villages; complex housing; schools; mines; clinics; hospitals and all types of hot water needs.

Solar Power & Lighting – we import all the components needed to design, supply and install any type or size power and lighting system.  We can custom design any size for specific needs, whether it is for domestic, urban, rural, schools, clinics and etc. from the minimal use to large users.

Solar Submersible borehole pumps – we import and supply all type of solar powered borehole pumps with capacity ranging from 30 meters/5,000 liters per day right up to 80 metres @ 9,000 litres per day.  These are ideally suited to the rural environment and off grid power situations.
Solar Refrigeration – we import and supply a limited range of solar powered refrigerators, this is a new development and the latest technology is being followed to see how we can best supply an affordable refrigeration solution.

Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications and we can design, supply and install any kind of Solar Powered System, within Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  These products are suited to the following applications;
- Housing – Urban, Rural
- Mines and complexes.
- Schools.
- Rural clinics and hospitals.
- Agriculture for small scale irrigation, tobacco curing and etc.

We will find a Solar solution for your every need.